The story of the Lyne Down Lady

The mystery continues to grow. Some say she was a buxom wench others say she was half woman, half beast with the girth and rump of a cow with hooves for feet.  Many believe she started out as a cow but after eating the local cider apples developed arms and hands and a human upper form in order to drink cider and mix with the other locals. However…she was no ordinary lady.

According to the tale her name was Rosy and she lived on this site in the thirteenth century peddling cider to the passing travellers on their way to Worcester from the Welsh Valleys. Rumour has it that weary travellers would take in the delights of the home made cider to such an extent that they became defenceless prey to the Lyne Down lady! The following day, hung over and confused, the travellers went on their way towards Worcester never really knowing whether the memories of the previous evening were merely a cider induced nightmare…..or an actual reality!! One thing was for sure… they never told anyone.

One day a blacksmith called Owain from the valleys came passing through and stopped for some cider. The sight of the lady’s lower half did not deter him and he instantly found affection for her and the cider and decided to stay at the farm and work from one of the adjoining sheds, (now called The Old Smithy). Rosy and Owain enjoyed a happy existence in the farm for many years and produced three offspring all of whom have full human features except for their hoofed feet … and the fact that they can all lick their own eyebrows!!

Look out for them when you visit us … they may be standing next to you!

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